Updating the assembly version

NET Framework 1.1 or higher must be installed so that the correct version of Fusion is on the system.

For more information, read “Updating Assemblies” in the Windows Installer SDK.

This could be an issue of the wrong version of MVC being used, you might consider using Nu Get to update to the latest version of MVC.

A frequently-asked question is how to install an assembly into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and overwrite the old assembly that has the same strong name. Multiple versions of a managed assembly can exist in the GAC at the same time and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) loads a version based on the manifest for a calling assembly, or the calling assembly can load an assembly by its strong name.

This way you will only need to update the property once and it will be picked up by all projects. Now you can add more steps to the build definition: running unit tests, publishing artifacts, etc.

Keep in mind that we are the framework – pun intended – on which other managed applications are typically built on Windows.

Publisher policies installed into the GAC could get out of hand and applications that want to avoid redirection for their own assemblies in the GAC would also use older base class libraries in the GAC as well if the element.

With a different File Version property value, MSI will cause Fusion to overwrite the old assembly with the same strong name with the new one.

In order for this to work, however, it’s important to note that .

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