Updating technomate software dating fender bassman 60

If you have been using a Technomate TM 5200 or 5300 or 5400 SD receiver or a TM5402 HD receiver, you can use the USB facility to Update the software and add a USB hard drive for recordings.

it will update by Lan with Latest image automatically , 4. 2-subtitle 3-teltext 4-when wrong channel list installed or pid Auto recovery updating function. 7-volume level 8-Fix for in front display after downloading a new image or other circuminstances. 1-Insert usb with imge unzippt /OFF/ON play with stand by button untill you see miniroot wait to see box ip press menu download will start.New model to replace the popular 6900, includes both high definition Satellite (DVB-S2) and high definition Terrestrial/Freeview (DVB-T2) tuners, HD Blind Search Ethernet e SATA RF Modulator 10,000 Channels Front & Rear USB 2.0 PVR Ready Ports: Recording, Timeshift, Music/JPEG & Software Download 1 Card Reader 2CI HDMI & Component. Double click the first file (or right click and select extract to) Files will extract to a folder called TM800_update Open this folder Copy the TM800_file to a USB stick Follow the instructions in the pdf file The has its own instructions, and is for if you overwrite the original one and lose channels. Functions in TM-800 not yet 100% ready :::: but will be completed soon Remote button are: POS/TV-RAD/INSTALL/TV-AV/AUDIO/T. New firmware for Technomate 800HD What is new: -Disable LPCM audio -reset only channel , softcam and skin after factory reset -split softcams for protect ipkg remove bug ( softcams(bin) softcams.config(config)New firmware for Technomate 800HD What is new: 1-Zapping time 2-Remote response 3-in some channel there is audio thick 4-AC3 5-warning message ..while waiting to process a function 6-skin compatibility to stop hang-up TM800-UR-1.0.0- LATEST IMPROVEMENTS 1-There will be 2 types of remote command.We listen to what our customers want and aim to deliver beyond expectation. you are getting freezes and any other anoma;ies or issues, you need absolutely to reflash your box with latest firmware How to Upgrade / Flash Firmware : 1- Download latest firmware from skybox’s official website : Get an USB stick formatted with fat 32 and put the doanloaded file into the root.

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