Updating table of contents in indesign

Navigate to the page of the document where you would like the contents to be and click once onto the page to create the contents list in a new text frame.Now you can tweak the formatting of the contents if you like, using the Paragraph panel (Window Character) to adjust the Font Size, Leading or Font Weight (e.g. Format the rest of your contents page as you would for the rest of your book, and there you have it!I’ve created a document in In Design, made up of facing spreads, for the inside pages of .

I want to change this and make this page show up as page 1 of the document. A warning message will flag up, reminding you that by making this change you will have created a duplicate of pages 1-6 in your document. In my book document, I have designed it so that no page numbers appear on the introductory pages of the book.

Double-click on the new Paragraph Style 1 name in the Styles panel to open up the Options window.

Rename the Style as something like ‘Contents Headers’ and click OK.

Scroll through your document, clicking on each new chapter heading and then clicking on the ‘Contents Header’ Style to apply it.

If you’ve already formatted all your chapter headings in the same way this won’t affect the look of the text, but it will tell In Design that all the chapter headers now have their own distinct style which sets it apart from other content in the document. As before, set the Title and title’s Style, choosing the original Style you created for this (e.g. Then from the selection of Other Styles below, click on the new Style you just created, the ‘Contents Header’ Style.

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