Updating system time

These upgrades can make important changes to your system in functionality, user interface, and general appearance over the previous version.Software manufacturers usually offer free software updates for their products to make them compatible with new versions of operating systems.Be sure to register the software when you install it so you know if you qualify for these types of deals.

When an updated version of an app is available, you are notified either by message or by a visual indicator on the app icon.

App updates are almost always no-cost and occur wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection after you give your permission.

Operating system updates for smartphone and tablets are usually made through the devices' settings.

In many cases, a software upgrade requires the purchase of the new version of the software, sometimes at a discounted price if you own an older version of the software.

If you bought your software recently and an upgrade is released soon after that, some software companies offer the upgrade to the latest version for free.

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