Updating sql server dao recordsets

So now I need to decide the best method to update my currency table (update existing records based on each currency code as opposed to adding new records).

For the long time users of Access that developed their skills around ODBC and sql server, you don’t have to do anything as the industry much decided what you been doing all along is the recommend approach.I have never done this before but it seems logical.One potential down side to this would be limited error handling because if the update query fails for some reason I'd have to troubleshoot to figure out what the problem is.I would appreciate your opinions on what the best practice would be and If you mean create a temporary table, update from that then then delete the temporary table I'd like to avoid that as the Access database will bloat quickly. In the meantime I have started building the inefficient method as I know how to do this.I suspect that you are correct in that it will still only take a few seconds to update all of the currencies so maybe it's not a big deal...

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