Updating software hardware in computer lab

For most computers, cleaning once every year or eighteen months should be adequate.

Beyond just getting the dust out, here are some other steps to consider: Dust often collects inside the CPU and video card heatsinks, consider disassembling and cleaning them if you're comfortable doing so, or at least using compressed air to specifically blow them out.

While the case is open, plug in the computer and turn it on long enough to make sure all the fans are still spinning.

A computer instructor working in the business sector may have the job duty of tailoring instructional methods to the needs of an individual user.The exterior of the case can be wiped down with a damp cloth.Be careful about using household cleaners, as they can easily destroy circuit boards.An excellent computer instructor tailors instructional strategies and learning activities to learner needs in each class.A computer instructor must plan the course content and sequence of instruction for computer learners.

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