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Other vehicles that currently support Car Play include the 2016 911 and the 2017 models of Macan, 718 Boxster, and 718 Cayman.

The company did not mention support for Google's corresponding Android Auto in its announcement.

As well as automatic updates and road speed information the Road Angel Vantage boasts a new and improved slim-line look and stylish user interface, which can be customised to suit different dashboard displays.

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Combining Road Angel Safety alerts, automatic updates as you drive via built-in mobile phone technology, and road speed limits, the Road Angel Vantage is the UK's most innovative dedicated safety camera and blackspot alert device.

The Road Angel Vantage is the answer to every motorists dream - a dedicated safety camera and blackspot locator that displays the current legal speed limit of every road you drive.

With built-in connectivity, the Road Angel Vantage also automatically and wirelessly updates its on-board database of safety cameras and blackspots every few minutes while you drive.

[32.4MB] Porsche has added a fifth model of vehicle to its Car Play-supported lineup, announcing that the 2017 Panamera -- which will arrive in the US in January -- will include Apple's infotainment technology, and be seen on a giant 12.3-inch touchscreen as part of an all-new Porsche Communication Management system.

The luxury sedan starts at ,900 for the 4S model, and scales up to the Panamera Turbo, which sells for 6,900.

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