Updating old versions of ubuntu 14 yr old dating 17 yr old

You’ll squeeze higher frame rates out of your favourite games, too.;) If you plan to play the latest Steam games on Ubuntu or use GPU heavy apps like Blender you should install the latest proprietary Linux graphics drivers available for your hardware.But to get the best performance from your Ubuntu PC you will want to use the latest graphics drivers available for your hardware.Ubuntu makes it easy to do this, and you benefit from a smoother Unity desktop experience as a result.Some of these are easier to set up than others, though: Also keep in mind that not all of the apps listed integrate with Nautilus, the file manager used in Ubuntu.Flash sucks, but for some sites you may not have the option of not using it.

A great way to save space, but also a great way to confuse.You’ll find it jam-packed with common-sense tips, nifty tweaks and helpful advice. Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this article to share you own post-install must-dos with other readers. Firstly, not everyone is reading this list on release date.It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new Ubuntu user (welcome! And even if you are, a few last-minute security, stability or bug fixes may have slipped out between the installation image being created and you installing from it — bugs don’t stick to the same deadlines that developers do!When you’re using several apps it’s often hard to know which app the ‘Files’, ‘Edit’, etc.strip at the top of the screen belongs to — or where they’ve suddenly vanished to! Deb package downloads, which you double-click on to install, are available for most of the following apps: You know that having a backup of your important files, folders and documents is super important.

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