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Set Field Name: [qry DMTerm Query].[Active] Value: True End Edit Record End If Comment Block: After modifying this termination record, make sure the employee that it's assigned to now is marked as an inactive employee.

To do that, we look up the matching employee's record in the tbl Employees table and set the Active field to False.

We then go into a Lookup Record data block and use the saved query qry DMTerm Query as the source.

In the Where condition argument for the Lookup Record data block, we want to look up the Employee ID in the query that matches the Employee ID field found in the tbl Terminations table that Access just finished committing.

Now consider the following scenario example, that will illustrate the use of a Microsoft Access Update query: One of your product suppliers has decided to increase the price of their products by 3 percent (%) across the board.

You have decided that you will use an Update Query to change all of the relevant records in your Products table.

Open the tbl Terminations table again in Datasheet view.

Next, click the Table contextual tab under Table Tools, and then click the After Update button in the After Events group to open the Logic Designer.

Here are the steps that we follow to produce the required outcome: Remember that the update query will permanently update records from the specified table(s), therefore it is very important that you have backed up the table(s) or database before running this object.

The Employee that this termination is assigned to changed - Scenario here is that when the record was first created, it might have been assigned to the wrong employee.

In this case the user is assigning this to a different employee.

Once you have ran the update query, you can check the results by once again changing the update query back to a select query.

I am trying to update an Access Table so that a report will automatically update.

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