Updating military uniform

Mark Milley began considering the possibility of bringing back the iconic two-tone uniform of the "greatest generation" for soldiers to wear as an everyday office uniform earlier this year."We wanted a uniform that we could re-identify with the American public that was significant in the American public's eye of the sense of pride in their Army," Dailey said.

The blue uniform was always optional for formal occasions when the Army had the dress greens, and that would be the intent for the future if the service adopts the Pinks and Greens, Dailey said.The uniform will feature a belted jacket, khaki shirt and brown leather shoes for men and women.The next prototype "that you see will be very, very historically accurate" to the uniform Gen. Marshall wore as the chief of staff of the Army during WWII, Dailey said."We are very cautious of the fact that we change uniforms; we are very cautious of the fact that this cost taxpayers dollars and that is why we are being very deliberate on communicating this to the American public, to soldiers, to Congress and asking everybody -- is this the right thing to do? Another difference in the final version of the Pinks and Greens will be the jacket length for female soldiers.The first prototypes were designed from ideas from a "female board of soldiers" and included both short and long jacket lengths, Dailey said.

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