Updating libtool updating zune library

This page has information on the “autotools”, a set of tools for software developers that include at least autoconf, automake, and libtool.

The autotools make it easier to distribute source code that (1) portably and automatically builds, (2) follows common build conventions (such as DESTDIR), and (3) provides automated dependency generation if you’re using C or C .

Libtool handles the different ways of linking against libraries on different platform, especially shared libraries (if possible).

Therefore it should be used, whenever an external library is used or whenever a project should build and install libraries.

They’re primarily intended for Unix-like systems, but they can be used to build programs for Microsoft Windows (this requires some additional facilities, e.g., MSYS, Cygwin, or cross-compilation libraries).

Updating everything should work out of the box, but to ensure that no unwanted package is updated between the toolchain parts, proceed as following: Done!

The autotools have significantly improved over the years, and better documentation is available too.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of really obsolete documentation, and a lot of obsolete complaints about autotools, and it’s a little hard to get started.

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