Updating kernel with slackpkg

apk add busybox-static apk-tools-static To begin, you need to update your Use statically linked version of apk to update content of repository: apk.static update Simulating upgrade is recommended in order to detect issues beforehand: apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade --available --simulate With no problems encountered or after resolving them, start proper upgrade: apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade --available When Alpine Linux is installed to hard drive, upgrading to a newer stable version is straightforward.To begin, you need to update your for instance) and if necessary, add references to the Alpine package repositories.

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Updating your repositories using the procedures detailed above, then running: apk upgrade --update-cache --available will suffice for some purposes.This chapter describes how to track the development system and the basic tools for keeping a Free BSD system up-to-date.Okay, so this is probably a really stupid thing I'm not doing, but after googling it, I can't figure it out for the life of me.If you are booting from a CD, this would simply mean replacing the CD with a CD made from the new image and rebooting the Alpine Linux box.If you are using APK caching you should also perform the following steps.

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