Updating jmicron firmware

Not holding out much hope of it working to be honest. To the guest that whated the firmware for the jmicron. The firmware was attached to my oringinal post in the forum.

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Hello, I was talking about the JMicron software tool for updating the firmware of the JMicron JMS539 controller of an external HDD enclosure. Issue has been fixed the Asus G75VW USB 3.0 is not junk.It was all Jmicron JMS539 firmware And I now have the solutuion.My chip is: JMS539 1012 LGBA1 A 5722U0012 First update the dock with JMS539Fw Update Tool_v010. My USB 3.0 flash drive (Microcenter) seems to work just fine, so it may be the device.Hi emurach Is there any chance you could upload or attach that JMS539Fw Update Tool_v010file?

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