Updating gallery2

I put those in just to see what the change was and log entry for them ended.

I'd like to know how I might troubleshoot this better?

Each script will have a different process to do this, so check with the support site or community of people using the script.

My recommendation would be to move the applications in the reverse order of my updating recommendation; move Gallery2 first, then Media Wiki and then, at the very end, php BB.

Mike probably does not recall me and that's alright.More information about this error may be available in the server error log.This will happen intermittently, like within minutes, to hours, to days. The impact is that people in the club are communicating for trail runs and gatherings, which have taken people up to 45 minutes of constant trying.Feel free to hit me up with questions for further information.Again, I've been out of the loop for this stuff for a good 3 years, so my terminology is probably lacking.

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