Updating fafsa

Students who want any sort of financial assistance from the federal government must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year.Some colleges require students to submit this form in order to receive financial aid from their own schools (or state governments).You’ll also need your driver’s license and your Social Security number.The FAFSA form includes questions about your tax situation.

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(Also, it’s against the rules to create an FSA ID for someone else.) You can find the number on your Social Security card. citizen, but meet Federal Student Aid’s basic eligibility requirements, you’ll also need your Alien Registration number.Parents will need to have all of the materials we’ve mentioned (except for a driver’s license) if they’re claiming their child as a dependent for tax filing purposes.Both parents and students will also need an FSA ID, which they’ll use to sign their FAFSA forms electronically.But starting in 2016, they can start filling out their forms as early as October 1.With the new version of the FAFSA, students and parents can use tax information from a previous year.

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