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I assume that it doesn't show them on the first POST screen either (the one that appears right after you press the power button).1. I'd reset the BIOS settings just to be on the safe side. You'd want to get HDD to be primary master and CD-ROM to be primary slave.

Check that all IDE drives are set to be autodetected and both IDE controllers are enabled. Usually the drive has the instruction for the jumpers written on it.

Hey guys, I want to apologize if this isn't the right forum for my “I have a problem” question, but I never had any luck with vintage hardware in more general computer forums so I just wanna give it a go here I'm in the process of building a Socket 7 gaming rig for anything my 486 cant handle anymore, but I just can't get the system to boot of anything.

I tried different versions of DOS of 3 different floppy drives, I tried booting 2 Versions of Windows 98 of different CD-ROM drives and I even tried just plugging in my 486s hard drive with Windows 95 on it. The system can boot into BIOS all day long and didn't crash on me once so I assume the hardware should be fine.

Speaking of hardware, its (right now) a- FIC PA-2002 (VIA Apollo Master) If you'r cappable of german or can deal with google translate, here is alot of inforamtion on the board- Pentium i200 @ 166 Mhz cause at least according to he manual there is no way of getting the clock any higher- 48 MB of Memory in 4 sticks- Matrox Mystic 220I do think the system recognize the different boot mediums, hence it twice printed “Updating ESCD....

success” while booting DOS and it always prints this while trying to boot of CD-ROM.

Thanks for your help though Don't eat stuff off a 15 year old never cleaned cpu cooler. My blog: 010010 011110 100001 101101 110011Jah ich will trynen... You can try your memory sticks in sets of two to make sure there is no defect.

I did test all the stuff mentioned above (in Post #1) alone and in conjunction with each other.

success”, I just forget the success, was writing this post of the the top of my head.

I'll add that to first post now [email protected] The board supports booting from CD-ROM, so a boot disk shouldn't be required.

I also did reset the BIOS and checked if the FDD and IDE controllers were enabled which was the case.

Jumpers on the drive are also correctly set to master and slave, also switched those around.

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