Updating book collection

Read on for explanations of what you can find in each tab.

If you want to return to these tabs while reading, tap the center of your device to open the controls at the top of the screen, then tap to close the book and return to your library.

You can also tap in the upper-right corner to browse by genres like Kids & Young Adults or Self Development, or tap Great Narrators to view audiobooks with full-cast dramatizations or celebrity narrators. Use this tab to search for specific titles, authors, narrators, and more.

After you search, you'll see results that are already in your Library and books and audiobooks that are available to buy in the Book Store. If you close the book, Apple Books remembers where you stopped and starts there when you start reading again. Get more out of your book without leaving the Books app.

To organize your content in a different way, create a custom Collection: tap New Collection, enter a title for your collection, then add books from your Library.

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Tap Look Up to view a word's definition and other suggestions from the web.If the item is part of a series, you might need to open the series first before you can delete it.You might also see an option to Delete Everywhere if it's a PDF or other item that you added to your Library from a source other than the Book Store.In this tab, you have quick access to the last book or audiobook that you were reading.You can also see items that you add to your Want To Read list and recommendations based on your reading history.

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