Updating automatic electric monophone

It also has an original Automatic Electric short coil, S-L ringer. It has that really "sweet" Automatic Electric ring.The bells aren't as harsh as in most phones of the day.Awful Mr Alias2 Mr Alias Pro Mr Blue Mr Fury Mr Ray Mr Ray73 Mr Tramp Mr Tramp2 Mr White Ms. 4.2 Sinthex Sinus Sinus Siso Sitar Six Free Six Full Six Toungs Drums And Bass Line Six Toungs Modeliser Six Toungs Modular System Six Toungs Modular System v2 Six Toungs Motif 5 Six Toungs Wave X Six Over Too Six Sen Ze Skanksta Skat Cat Skerratt London Piano Skreeep Sky Padder 1 Skyes Skyscraper Skysynth Slapclap Slick Slack Slifty Slifty Vsti Sliphorde Slitch Slithe Sly Guy Smackbox 068 Smallqoo Smiley Smoke Smoking Eco Snake Snappy Snare Snare Hat Snip Snip MKIV Sniper Snorgan Snorky Snow Spell So Ft Drum So Ft Drum Lite So Ft Drum Ultimate Soajeng Soboxo4 Soft PSG Soft Trash Soft Drum LTD Soft Drum LTD6 Sogeum Solaphalian 3000 Solaris Solaris Solo Solo String Solossos Solossos Large Sonar Sonata Sonatina Bassoon Sonatina Cello Sonatina Chimes Sonatina Choir Sonatina Clarinet Sonatina Double Bass Sonatina Flute Sonatina Glockenspiel Sonatina Harp Sonatina Horn Sonatina Oboe Sonatina Percussion Sonatina Timpani Sonatina Trombone Sonatina Trumpet Sonatina Tuba Sonatina Viola Sonatina Violin Sonatina Xylophone Sonator Sonic Boom One Sonic Lava Lamp Sonico Sonigen Modular Sonitarium Sonny's Tenor Sax Sophia Soscillator Soul Force Soulful House Drums 1 Soulful House Drums 2 Soulkiller Rev1b Sound F2 Sound Of Human Feces Sound Sequence Sound Fonter Sound Front Soundboy Soundfile Player Soundfont Enhancer Soundfont Loader-Player Soundfont Player Soundfont Synth 3 Soundfont Voice 2Synth Soundfont Voice Synth Soundlab Sounds Of Old TV Games Soundtypo Soviet Synth Space Avalanche Space Hippie Space Rock Drums Space Synth Spaces Sparkle Spat Diff Plus Spat Player 12 Spat Player 5 Spat Sampler 16 Spat Sampler 16M Spat Sampler 17.1 Spat Sampler 24 Spat Sampler 3D 17 Spat Sampler 3D 18 Spat Sampler 3D M Spat Sampler 3D S Spat Sampler 418g Spat Sampler 5 Ext Spat Sampler 518H Spat Sampler 8 Spat Sampler 816 Spat Sampler 88 Spat Sampler 8M Spat Sampler 8P Spat Sampler 8S Spat Sampler H18 Spat Sampler H24 Spat Sampler H8 Spat Sampler L16 Spat Sound Fonts Spat Synth 5 Spat Synth 8 Spat Test 12 Spat Test 16 Spat Test 18 Spat Test 51 Spat Wave 218 Speak N Spell 80 Speakalienz 1 Speakalienz 2 Specsteen Spectral Sweep Spectrobits Spectrol Spectrol Spettersizer 5 Spicy Guitar Spirasuid Spirit 3 D Free Spirit Of The Age Spitfire Splamplerator Splinetime Split Path Player Split Sampler 16 Spook Key No Spring Spook Keys Spread Sputnik 2000 Squ Saw Square I Square Wave Tutorial Square Man Square Synth Squeek Box Squeek Box 2 Squelch Squid Platter Squosc Stack Sampler 24 Stanker Stargate Starion Starrsynth 2 Bass Edition Starrsynth Free 3 Starry Synth Static Static Sampler 17.1 Stazyz Stealth Steam Steel Steel Synth Steps Stereo Adder 2 Stereo Enhancer Stereo Steinway Piano Stock Stomp2 Stonji Stoooner Stoq Strange Synth Strange Synth Big Strata Stratavarious Strato Blaster Stratos Stratos 2 Stream Synth Stretcha Striker String Feedback String Sculptor 2 String Sculptor Ins String Synthesizer String Synthesizer String Theory String Thing String Thing 2 String Z String Z String Z 2 Stringer Strings Strings Strings Stringy Stringazoide Stringer Stringz NThings Strinx Stroh Violin Strong Arm Strum Studio-S2 Stumm PG-23P Style Creator Style Hues Stylobox Stylophone Stylophone Stylophone Styrofoam Sub Sub-Tech Sub-Zero Sub Duer Sub Sinus Sub Sonic Sub Sonic Sub Sonic Sub Synth Subatomic Subbsonic Subconscious Subfood II Subfreak Subhuman Subhuman 2 Subliminal Subs Tractor Subtilior Subtilior 4 Subtractive Additive Synthesis Subtractor Subtrakt Subtraxx Subtraxx 3 Suburban Guitarist Sucker Sum Diff Sum Diff Mod Sump Sun Ra Suna Super Moog Super Ring Super Sawrus Super Spook Keys Super Synth Super TR Super-7 Super Drum FX Super Drum FX Dry Super Eel2 Super Heat Super Ring 2 Super Saw Super Synth FX Super Tron Super Wave Superarminicon 432 Supercharge Supersaw Supersaw Minus Supersaw OSC Supertone Superubbish Superwave P8 Surface Sushi Svati Swamp Swamp Free Swamp XT Free Swarm Synth Sweaper Swedish House Drums 1 Swedish House Drums 2 Sweet Cristel-B Sweet Cristel-J Sweet Cristel-S Sweet Girl Melody Swierk Swish Swordedge Sx MJune Sym5 Symetrizer Symodi X Symphonia Sympt Ohm PE Syn Binaural Syn Perc Syn Plucked Syn Poly Syn-Thesis Syna 101 Sync Destroyer Sync Employer Syncaine TM-200X Synced FM-AM Arper Synchronator Synchronator MM Synchronizer Synchronizer XL Synchronizer XT Syncking Syncoder Syncology Synek DC Synevo Syng2 Syng2 Stereo Syng2le Synger Synodeia Synodeia Multi-Out Synplex Synplex Large Synpluck Synqer Synsect Syntar Syntendo Synth Synth Synth 16 Synth 32 Synth 4 Synth 8 Synth Steper Synth-Add-Scripte Synth1 Synth2 Synth2 Synth4 Synth Drums Synth FM3 Synth Master CM Synth Master FREE! FX Synth Master Player Synth One Synth PLE Synth Sine Synth X Synthdruid Synthefem Synthefem 2 Synthesis Shizzle Synthesizer Synthestra Synthetic Synthetic II Synthi VCS Clone Synthia Synthia 2 Synthipop Synthol Synthopia Synthopia 2 Synthor Synthor Light Synthsation Synthuk Synthus 1 Syntler Syntopia Syntron Sytnhemor T Osc T-300 T-Bass T-Force Alpha T-Force Alpha Plus T-Synth T1Light T1MKII TA RECsoprano TAL-Bass Line TAL-Elek7ro TAL-Noise Maker TAL-Real Synth TAL-U-NO-60 TAL-U-No-62 TAL-Vintager2 TB-303 TB-303 Strip TB-30X 2005 TB-30X 2006 TB-30X 2010 TB-Small TB-Ukkie 2 TB-Unknown TB-Unknown (alt) TB-Unknown 2 TB200 TB4 TB4005 TBX-303 TC Space TCIB TD-4EVA TFX-BS TFX-m B TFX-m B3 THri Ce TISM TK CUE-Synth TMP Sounder TMSS TN-303 TN-5 TN-5 FX TN-909 TNB30 TP Basslane TR-808 TR-CCC TRIO TRIdigits TS-808 TS-Substance TS404 Extended Sinepulse TSA TST Bstrd TST Chippy TST Choral TST Doku TST Doku2 TST Drawbar TST Drums 1 TST Gaia TST Kick TST Kick2 TST Mtuner TST Nintesizer TST Organ TST SC1000 TST Sampler TST Shitsyn TST Subfood TST Tofu TST Toysynth TST Trcltr TST WS-64 TST Wcoast TST Zapper TUM TW-Bendway TW-CQD TW-Duo Synth2 TW-Elong TW-Greyscale TW-Liquid Tiny TW-Opkicker TW-PVMSpecial TW-Percussion1 TW-Pitch Shop TW-Pulse Synth3 TW-Saw Block TW-White Widow TX16Wx TX16Wx v2 Taakki Tabasse Light Tabla Table Example Table Synth Tacsynth Take a Step Takim Talking Synth Tallis Talon Tamajari Tampler Tango Tape Head Sampler Tape Sound Tapeotronic Tapeworm Tarnce Tarnce 2 Tarnce Lead Tassman Keys Edition Tassman MTM Tatapoum 3 Tatapoum 4 Tau Taurus Taurus GUI Tchackpoum Maize One Tech Synth Tech Synth Pro Techhouse Drums 1 Techhouse Drums 2 Techhouse Drums 3 Techhouse Drums 4 Techhouse Drums 5 Techno Drums 1 Techno Drums 2 Techno Drums 3 Techno Drums 4 Techno Percussion Free Techno Snare free Techno Toms Free Techno-X Temper Ten Ten Ten S Tenacity Tenpan Ter Vox Syn Ter Vox Syn 2 Ternary Synth Terrorist Bass Test-Osc-Teron Test Oscer One Test Synth Test Tone Tester Tethys 1 Tethys 2 Tetra Texture Texture Thai-Gongs Thales Model I The Bends The Black Box The Box The Brown Generator The Buzz 304 The Catcher The D4 The Demon Machine The Devil Inside The Dreammachine The Dreammachine 2 Free The Dreammachine 3 Basic The Drum Source The Egg Machine The Face The Ghost The Ghost Midi The Gobbler The Grapefruit The Green Foreman The Green Monster The Green Synth The Grey Apparatus The Grey Apparatus 2 The Hands Of Darkness The Hands Of Darkness - Clenched The Hands Of Darkness 1.0 The Hit The Humble Bass Guitar The Kick The Knob The Marcus Johnson Collection The Mule The Nash The Office The Orange The Pokegy The Pokegy 3 The Rawgan The Ringer The Shepherd The Solar-Manite The Suitcase The Thing The Tits The Viking The Vowelator The Whisper The Whistler The White Weather The Blue 2 The Tiger Free Theremin Theremin Theremin Big Therevox Thingumajig Tho R Thorium Three Osc Three Osc Black Throat Singing Thru Zero Thrummaschine Thumb Piano Thumper Thunder Thundergod Thunderstorm Tibetan Bowl Tibetan Monastery Ticky Clav Time Warper Inst Timebase Tiny Metal Impact Tiny Piano Tiny Tim Tiny FM8 Toad Toefu Tone Generator Tone Gen Tone Whls Tonespace 2 Too Phatty Toolkit BPM-LFO Toolkit Osc Tosca Total Destruction Total Rock Toxicwave Toy Piano Toy Piano Toy Organ Toy Synth Toys Tr Ig Gy X Tracee's Bells Tragmadrum Royal XL Traks Tramp 4 Tramp Model A Trampler Trampler Stereo Trance Blizzard Trance Drums 1 Trance Gizmo Trance Toy Trance Zone Retro LE Trance Drive Trancelator SE Trancelator SM Trans Computer Maschine Trans Computer Maschine v2 Transcendent 2000 Transcendental 2000 Transcendental 2000 MSE Transcender Transcender 2 Transcender SE Transcepticon Transistor Drums Transistor Drums 2 Transistorhead Transonic Tranzister Trap Drum Kit Travellar 3 Trem Guitar Triad Triad Triangle I Triangle I (New GUI) Triangle II Triangle II (New GUI) Tribal House Drums 1 Tribal House Drums 2 Tribal House Drums 3 Tricectahedron Trickshot Triforce Trigger Triggerbox Trigosynth Effect Trilobite Trilogy Trim N Trimate Trinidad Pans Trio FM Trionimox Trip Hop British Drums Trip Hop Cosmic Drums Trip Hop Dark Drums Trip Hop Dope Trip Hop Drums Trip Hop Drums 1 Trip Hop Ghetto Trip Hop Massive Drums Trip Hop Psycho Drums Triple Cheese Tripp Lead Tripp Lead Ins Tripple Melody Tritium Triton1a Triton1b Triton1c Trokow Tromine Tromine GT Tromine Z Tronalithic 2 Demo Truth Synth Truth Synth Small Tryple Sync Tsunami Tubular Phase Tune Fish Tune Fish 2 Tune Fish 3 Tune Fish 4 Tuned Bar Tunnel Vision Blinders Turbine Turkish Percussion 1 Turkish Percussion 2 Turkish Percussion 3 Turntable Turntablist Pro Turtle Shell Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dee-Luxe Tweedle Duo Twilight Twilight Zone Twin Dash Player FREE Twin-Tone Twin Bass Twin Bass FX Twinsef Twisted Energy Twister Twitch Two Cycle Two Osc Twonk Tycho Type 1 Type II Type-B Type-F Type-F Cyber Fox Type-F-Gray Type-F-Sea Gulls-Gray Tyrell N6 Tyrell N6 v2 Tyrell N6 v3 U-Synth-Minus-X4 U.Modular Msres2 Mugen Multi-Wave Orchestral Multi Play 16 Multi Sampler 18M Multi Sampler 55 Multi Spat Player Multi Spat Sampler 816 Multi Stretcher H24 Multiball Multibanddistortion Multiplex Multiplies Multisweep Multitap 5 Muse Trancer Mushroom BPM Music Box Music Computer EZMath 3 Mutaar Mutant Koto Mutiny Poly Muzykant S My Drumset 70's My Drumset Rocks My Synth My Whistles My First Synth My Synth Mycrosynth Mysterion Mysterios Mysteron Mystic ... P UC17 UFO UFO 2 UFO ZE UN-J-60 UR23 UX09 Uber Un1 Uberheim BO-X Ugly Mother Ukkie Ukulele Ultim Atom-X 3 Ultim Atom-X 6 Ultim Atom-X 8 Ultimate Bass Ultimate Santoor Ultra Swamp Free Ultra Synth Ultradia SE Ultrakiller Ultrakiller Mini Ultralieni Ultrasonique Ultrawave 2 Umbra Free Un Important Unamed Synth 2 Uncle Sam Uni Bar Uni Retro Uni Retro Pro Unicycle Unifyer 1 Unifyer 2 Unifyer 3 Unisomniac Unisounder Unit 1 Unitable Free Universal Universe Uniwave Uniwave v2 Unkie Unknown 4 Unknown 64 Big Unknown 64 CM Unknown 64 Pro Unknown 64 Pro U Unknown 64 Small Unknown Lite Unnamed 4 PB Uno FM Uno Lite Urban Nexus Uràgano Usine Usine Boxhole 346 V2 Usulator Util Utility Utopia Utopia2 Utteot V-5 Synth V-Box V-Box 2 V-Box X V-Fingers V-Fingers 2 V-Koder V-Lynn X-Bow V-Pops V-Rack VACS VACS2 VB Stinger VB-1 VB-302 VBA VCS Synthetic Bass Basic VDrum Synth VE-41 VET-1 VH-1 VH-2 VL-Tone VL1 VL122 VMP1 VMP1 v2 VO VOK VOPM VOPM NW VOPMex VOVO VR-08 VS Upright VS-1 VS-1000R VSCO VST2413P VST2413R VST2413S VSTPLOOGGin VSTSpeek VSTSynth Font VSTV1 VSTV2 VSTX3 VSTXSynth VSTi Test VString Synth VTX-VSTron VTX-Vinylusion VX VX2 VX3 VX7 Va Len Tone Va Len Tone2 Vaccin Vaccin Vagabond Vagabond King Valo Valsier Value Synthesizer Vampyromorphida Van Q Vapor Sampler Varuna Vectis Vectorial Synth Vectrave Vectrik Vectrik Bidule Vectrik Test Vektor Vektor FM Vektor PD Vektor SF Venom VB-303 Venom VB-303 Beta Ventura1 Ventura6 Versatile Modulation Verzerquadosc Verzersampsynth Verzersynth Vex Vi CON Vi NOM Vi SYNTH Vi Zual Synth Vibraphone Vibraphone TS Vibro Master Victor Video VST Viktor Vile Lin Vintage Vintage Drum Elements Vintage Kit Vinyl Sound Vinylator Violin Mid Loops Violão Nylon Viperous Virgo 12 Virtuadrum Virtual Aelita Virtual Baixista Virtual Baixista Slap Virtual Bassline Virtual Filterbank Virtual Filterbank 2 Virtual Modular Lite Synth Virtual Modular Synth Virtual Modular Synth Virtual Modular Synth B Virtual Modular Synth Sampler Virtual Sampler Virtual Sampler Virtual Synth Virtualmachine Virtuoso Virus B Bootleg Vitamin C Vitrail Vivaldi Vivaldi MX Vo Co Ga Te Voc-One Voc-Two Voc Voc III Vocal Bass Vocimerus Vocomorph Vogue Voice To Instrument Voice Box Voices Voices of Darkness Voltaire Vortex Vowel Synth Vowel Synth FX Vox Voyager Vs Wav Player Vst Animal Vst Board Instrument Vst Player Vst Player Free Vst Synth Vulcanuid Vurt Box WAV108 WB WFx PB WHBZZ Noise Generator WIVI Trial Edition WMS016 WMS032 WNM-1 WOKguitar WS 1 WS 2 WT-Test Wah Blasters War Drums Warmy's Super Saw Warpfare Wash Tub Bass Waspy 2 Mini Waspy LE Waterphones Wav-Elektrik Wav-Sticine1 Wav-Sticine2 Wav Dad Wav Play Synthesizer Wavchick Wave !Ro Xo Roar Bleed Robodrum Roboline Robosynth Robot Juice Robots Rock Rock Alternative Drums Rock Art Drums Rock Classic Drums Rock College Drums Rock Drums 1 Rock Drums 2 Rock Drums 3 Rock Easy Drums Rock Fusion Drums Rock Indie Drums Rock Psychedelic Drums Rock Shoegaze Drums Rock Style Drums Rocket Punch Roetoersptboxd Rogue Rogue Roid Roland GR-20 Doo-Wop Roland GR-20 Electric Basses Roland GR-20 Harmonica Roland GR-20 Jazz Organ Roland GR-20 Pipes Roland GR-20 Reeds Roland GR-20 Rock Organ Roland GR-20 Saxophones Roland GR-20 Slap Bass Roland GR-20 Trombones Plus Roland GR-20 Trumpets Roland GR-20 Violin Cello Roland GR-20 Wood Bass Roller-Baller Romeo Romploid Rorgang Rorgang3 Roto Puker 1.1 Roto Puker 1.5 Roto Puker 2.0 Rotouplug Rotovier Rouge Round Robin Hood Router Rs NTXs Z Rticul8 Rticul8R Rubbed Resonators Rubbish Rufius Rufius Co P Rumble Run Beer Run Wave Rupsta Rupture Lite Rythmic S Y N I C S-O1 S-Percussion S-YXG2006LE S. Ultra Block Blokwerk Blood Bucket Blood One Blooo Blotch Blow Bottle Blow Guitar Blow Hole Blowhard Blowtorch Blue Lead 1 Blue Synth Blue Synth Blue Synth Blue Addiva Blue Orange 2 Bluez Bluzinth 001 Bluzinth 002 Bo B Bobsitron Bocks Bocks 2 Dark Edition Boing Boing2 Bomb Bomber SE Bombuld R Bongos Boo Boom Boo Mb AXx 1 Boo Mb AXx Mk2 Boo Mb AXx Sine Synth Mk3 Boogaloo 3 Boogaloo II Boogaloo Pro 3 Boogaloo Pro II Boogaloopa Boom Shakka Boomed-FM Boomed-FM II Borderliner Borderliner FX Borg-9 Borgan Bougarabou Percussion 1 Bouncing Balls Bouzouki Bouzu Bovbjerg Piano Bowed Bowed Bowed Bowed Guitar Bowed Synth Bowedbar Bowin Box Boxhole-346 Boxxy D Boz Bass Bpm Brain Stormer Brainkiller Brainkiller 2 Mini Brainkiller 2S Mini Brass Brass Brass Brass Brass Box Brat Brauerei Bravette Brazilian Percussion 1 Bread Bread Winner Break Fast Break Garbage Break Garbage Breakbeat Drums Breaks Breathcube Brick Layer Bright Blue Broken Looper Broken Toy Broomstick Bass Demo Brush Brush Synth Brush Strokes Brush Strokix Brzoza Bubbler Bubllsy Bucket Job Budler Bum Ber Bum Ber Deluxe Bum Ber XT Burden Burque Burt Buushlaaden Buzz Filter Osc Buzz Synthesizer Buzzed Buzzkill C700 CBW01 CD303 CDS-2 CELLORGAN CLAP LEFT CLAP RIGHT CLP01 CM-101 CM-303 CM-505 CMorg CMorg Compact CMplay CPM Analog OSC CPM Bpm LFO CPM Sample OSC CR-777 CRA-6 CS-5 CS-80R CS=VET-2 CSM-02 CT390 CT390 V2 CVPiano-GVI-Modeled CY-TN-909 CY6B CZ-10K CZ-10x V CZ-400 CZ-6000 CZ-OLI CZynthia Cadencia Caffein Synth Cajon Fu Cake Calculizer California Foley Demo Callisto Cantrip Cantus 1 Capsule Captain Admiral Car Synth Carillon Carnitaur Carnt Drum Casiopea Cassie Un Cassie Vz1st Castanet Castanet2 Castor II Catalyst Catalyzer Cavaco Brasil Caverns Cedr Celesta Cell Call Cell Synth 16 Cellofan Ceratops Ces Synth 1 Ces Synth 5 Cesspool Cetone Cetone Light Cetone Org Cetone Synth Cetone Synth 2 Chad's Double Bass Chaim Machine Chaos Theory Chaos Sampler 16 Charisma Light Charisma V Blue Edition U Charlatan Chau-Gongs Cheapcheese Cheapo-Tone Cheapskate Blasters Chebyshev Chebyshev Waveshaper Cheeze Machine (Classic Skin) Cheeze Machine (Metal Skin) Cheeze Machine Metal Cherry Cherry Snare Chibi Un Chicago House Drums 1 Chicago House Drums 2 Chih Pyh Chill Chillout Drums 1 Chillout Erotic Drums Chillout Ibiza Drums Chillout Lounge Drums Chillout Relaxing Drums Chillwave Drums 3 Chime Chimera Chinee Gu Zheng Classic Chip32 Chiptoon Chiyido Choc Choir Choir Ah Choir Oh Choir Z Chord Organ Chord Mate Chris' 306 Bass Synth Chris' Night Synth Chris's Synth String Synth Christine77 Christmas Drone Chrome Chronos Fear Church Church Organ Church Organ 2nd Chut Circles Circlesaw City Piano City Piano Lite Ck Envelope Clanger Clanger Clanger2 Clap Clap Drums Free Clap Machine Clap Machine Clap of Luxury Clap2 Clap Lab Clap OMatic Clar Clara Theremin Clarinet Clarinet Classic Classic Classic Momentz Classic-H Classy Gitar Clav Clavdium Clavestinas Clavi Clavia Lab Clavinet Claw Clean Electric Guitar Clear Drum Clearsynth Click Clicky Clinkster Clock Quad Lite Clone Clone X8 Cloud Cloudplayer Freebie Club Voltage Clunk Cluster Cobra Cochise Coil Cold Iron Coldkiller Mini Colm Colm II Color Color Synth Color Synth 2 Combat Loop Drum Machine Combi Combi Nat Or Combi Synth=Blotar Combo F Combo V Comma8 Compakt Compakt Organ Compass Complete Drums Complicated FM Synth Computer Heart Concert Timpani Conform Constellation V Construct Container Contakt Contra Bass Cool Blue Cooly 4 Cooly 8 Copier Corg MS10 Corona Corpus 2 Cosine Click Cosmo 201 Cosmo SE Cosmogirl II Cosmonaut2 Cosmos Cosmos Synth Cosmos-2 Cosmos XT Cr AZy X Crap-Synth Crash Free Crawling Waveshape Crazy Crap Crazy Diamonds Crazy f**k Crazy Pad Crazy OSCs Crazy Pluck Creak Box Bad Boys Crimson Crio Crio 2 Critical Mass Crooky Cross Synth Crotalinae Crunk Drums 1 Crunk Florida Drums Crunk Hot Drums Crunk Mayami Drums Crunk Phat Drums Crushed Synth Light Crystal Crystal Grand Crystals Cso Neo Phl Ctl In2Trigger Cube Breath Cubix Cucaracha Cumdrumputer Curve 2 CM Curve Beta Curve CM Cyber Free Cyber Space FX Cyber TB Cybergroove Cybermath Cybertronic Space Orb Cyclone Cygnus Cygnus-0 Cygnus-SF Cylinder Cylinder Prototype Cylinder33 Cym1 Cymbal Cymbalistic Cymbiant 1 Cymbiant 2 Cynthia Cynthia FX Cynzia Czar D-Bass D-Sampler D-Strings D-Wave D15 D15-2 D303 DA-01 DA-80 DA-Maxtorm DA-Slimboy DB-Force The Amen DBFM DCO-6 DD-12 DDDrumz DDDrumz II DEISK-O DEs AMPLE DF2HHT DIRTbox DJX-Void X DJinn Drum LM-1 DL DPC 3 DR-002 DR-005 DR-Fusion DR-Fusion 2 DR1-Mono Demo DRUMS - EXTRAS DS 7 DS-1 DS-2 DS-404 DSG001 DTMF DTMF Sounds DWave 01 DX007 DX008 DX10 DX4 Da-Glass Da Zynth Daeajeng Daedalus Daegeum Daisy Synth Damatriks Damn Thing Danarumlogue Dance of Saws Dancer Dansette Dante Dao Darbuka-Nut Dark Cide Dark Kreator Dark Moon Dark VX Kick Dark1 Dark Star Darkness Theory Darkness Theory 3 Darwin4 Datpurp Anti Edition Skin2 Davosynth Db-Lab Deaf Ear Decimator Deep House Drums 1 Deep House Drums 2 Deep House Drums 3 Deep House Drums 4 Deep House Drums 5 Deep Mono Synth Deep Space Deep Space Explorer Deep Step-606 Deep Throat Synth Deep Throat Synth Mini Deepmatic Deepsynth Deez Nutz FM Default Defend Defender Offender Deliverance Demo-106 Deputy Mark II Derelic 2 Detune Blasters Deva Devangari Devil FM Dexed Dexters base phase distortion Dextrasynth Didg Didg2 Didjeri Moog Digi Drum Digi Drum Classic Digi Drum Pro Digi Reactor Digit_AL Digit_AL 2 Digital EP Digits Digiwave Digiwave Dimate Dimensions Diodow Dionysos Dirt-E Dirt Bag Dirtbag Dirty Harry Dirty Harry Beat Dirty LP Dirty Panda Drum Box CM Dirty South Drums 1 Dirty South Hip Hop Drums Dirty Girl Dirty Mono Dirtybomb1 Disco House Drums 1 Disco House Drums 2 Disco House Drums 3 Disco House Drums 4 Disco House Drums 5 Disfunction Disine Disine 2 Disphase Dist Distel Distortion Distortion Synth Disturbance Divine-Kit Do A 2 Doctor Um Dodge-Ular Doktor Destrukto Doku III Dolphin Dominator CM Dominator CM FX Dominus Player Donk Machine 2 Donkama Doppler Double Six Double Six 2 Double Six XXL Double Soundfont Player Double U Double Edge 2 Doublloaf2osc Downbeat Drums 1 Downbeat Slowbeat Drums Downforce Downtempo Dream Drums Downtempo Drums Downtempo Floating Drums Downtrodden Dr Liebezeit Dr Modus Dr-Midi Kick Dr-e Xc-Gray Dr-e Xc2 Dr.Awful Mr Alias2 Mr Alias Pro Mr Blue Mr Fury Mr Ray Mr Ray73 Mr Tramp Mr Tramp2 Mr White Ms.

I offer free support after the sale via email or phone call.This phone is ready to plug in and use with no additional wiring or adapters.Condition: All of the phones I sell are 100% original vintage phones.This includes cleaning and lubricating dials, updating wiring, and full function testing before shipping.Each phone gets a new handset cord and comes with a new line cord for plugging it into the wall.

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