Updating and restoring ipod touch software

Step 1: Download and install i My Fone Umate Pro on your PC.Connect your i Phone to your PC using a USB cable, then launch Umate Pro.Wrong date and time settings on your PC would lead to confusion zone confusion while communicating with Apple servers. Step 2: On the right panel, switch “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” off and switch them on again.The best way to avoid this error in such as case is to check your date and time. Your Windows firewall may be the reason why i Tunes is not working properly as it should.It can help you to erase all your i Phone data permanently without any possibility of data recovery.Hence, you can use Umate Pro instead of using i Tunes and running into error 3014.But many of us may not understand what i Tunes error 3014 stand for or why i Tunes is encountering an error while updating/restoring their i OS.

i My Fone Umate Pro Win/Mac is the best alternative to i Tunes data restoration feature.So take it easy and run Tunes Fix to repair the error for you. Step 1: Open Tunes Fix and it will automatically detect your i Tunes and components.If your i Tunes is complete, you will be brought to the home interface. As error 3014 is i Phone restore or update issues, choose “Fix Other i Tunes Problems” mode.If you have done this step correctly then it will lead to Cydia website.Step 5: Remove the following lines in your host's file: 74.2 gs. gs.Step 6: After removing these lines, save the hosts file.

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