Updating an oak kitchen in dating girlfor12

If you've been with your kitchen a long time, chances are, you've been through a lot together—experimenting with meals (both masterpieces and disasters), crafting last-minute school projects, and gossiping at parties galore—and things might be feeling a bit, well, stale.

While you still love your kitchen, you're not currently love with it.

When you're done, you can celebrate the return of the kitchen romance with the ultimate sign of love—a vanilla cake with brown-butter glaze.

Off-the-shelf cabinets and inexpensive tile also helped cut costs.

Free up cabinet space, and create a clever spot for collectibles, with above-window shelving.

While your appliance might last for years and years, tastes change.

But it seems impractical to get rid of a refrigerator just because you've grown tired of its white finish.

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