Updating a colonial home exterior

However, pictures of other homes cannot provide homeowners an exact sense of what the remodel will look like on their own house.That's where our EXOvision™ design process comes in.In the words of architect Mies van der Rohe: “God is in the details,” but, then again, so is the devil.large enough to cover the entirety of the window when shut (as that’s, you know, the whole point of shutters).For many homes, just changing the front door would be a fantastic improvement! In fact, updating the exterior can be far less complicated than redoing a kitchen.Follow a before and after plan and create a vision for what you hope to achieve with the changes to come.Whether you're updating the front façade of your home or upgrading your backyard space, replacing entry doors will help you achieve the new, fresh look you're after.

Creating “curb appeal” is real estate language for making a good first impression.

While we work closely with our clients to design a remodel that meets their wants, needs and their home's style, words alone never provide the confirmation that a picture can.

Having a picture of desired new features, materials, styles and colors, ensures that both client and contractor share the same vision of the final outcome.

To simplify and streamline the process even further, use of an architectural rendering of your house with all of the propsed changes.

An architectural rendering is a wonderful way to help you visualize and know for sure you are getting the look you want and see what the final result will be.

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