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Thanks to these preventive benefits, public water fluoridation is considered the most efficient and cost-effective dental caries prevention measure available.

More than 144 million United States residents in more than 10,000 communities drink fluoridated water, most from public water supplies with sodium fluoride added artificially.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that every dollar invested in fluoridation saves in dental bills.

The CDC hails water fluoridation as one of top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century for its cavity prevention effect. In the United States, only Hawaii has a lower water fluoridation rate than New Jersey.

The big goal: raising awareness and improving children’s oral health.

Fluoridation and Dental Fluorosis Mandated by State law, water fluoridation is a widely accepted practice proven to be safe and effective for preventing and controlling tooth decay.

Parents of young children or infants should be particularly concerned about adequate fluoride intake and should consult their dentist about the need for daily supplements or a change in diet.

The annual cost to fluoridate water is approximately 51 cents per person per year.

Can you give an example of "parts per million" (ppm)?

There is one drop of fluoride in one million drops of water.

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