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But if this is one of the FIRST things she mentions in her very first letters, then it is a scam-alert. But if the letters are very personal and have all your questions answered in detail and do not have any other scam-symptoms, then it might just be that person's manner of speaking.

If there ARE other scam-symptoms in the letters, then you may wish to be careful with that person. Universe contest and already have dozens of admirers chasing you - it IS probably a scam.

Women from Russia, Ukraine and other regions of the former Soviet Union have long been a popular choice for many eligible bachelors in the USA and Western Europe.

We help couples with all the travel arrangements: visas to Russia and other countries, airline tickets (international and domestic), train tickets, accommodations in hotels and serviced apartments, transfer, guides, etc.

Well, if she placed a half of dozen of those ads in different catalogs before, she may not remember to remove them later.

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Go To Russia Travel is not a match-making agency but we enjoy giving a helping hand in international love connections by providing reliable and affordable travel services to our clients.Check all black lists widely available on the Internet. You are much older than her and so far have not been popular with the women of her age? Many girls in Russia do prefer dating older men, and 10-20 years difference is very common.But be aware that many scammers commonly prey on older western men, since they are considered to be a pretty easy target.Encounters International The agency is based in Washington, DC and has offices in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Russia, and Kiev, Ukraine, years in business with an impressive track record. Be careful with sites/agencies that allow you to post your profile on-line, receive E-mails from apparently interested women, and then require payments for opening them.To avoid this we recommend to check the agency BEFORE you post your profile on their site.

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