U720 modem updating

Unfortunately first attempts to connect to the network using solely internal antenna was complete failure.But when I was outside house and connected 1/4-wavelength long piece of copper wire into modem’s antenna socket, I was able to connect to the network.Sept 20, 2018 - Safari version 12 was released Monday for Mac OS Sierra and High Sierra users.Version 12 adds new restrictions on browser plugins developers which disables the web-view plugins for the cameras.

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Then I used it to bend two 45cm*70cm big polystyrene sheets into shapes pictured below.To completely secure the nuts in the base I used small amount of cyanacrylate momentary glue.To protect internal space from humidity, ventilation holes are made in the places that are safe from water sprays, but everything else should be securely insulated.Later I drilled 6 mm holes on each side to hang the box on two crews screwed into the wall.To make assembly more convenient I screw M3 screws and nuts together through mounting holes of the base and then melted nuts into base' plastic using hot soldering iron.

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