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We manufacture transparent two way mirrors and beamsplitter mirrors for smart mirror, TV mirror, and teleprompter projects.

The price calculator on each page provides instant pricing and ordering for the size and quantity you’re looking for.

It features a non-invasive 940nm infrared sensor to ensure clear and high definition video day and night.

Accessing the Live View on your Ring Stick Up Cam is very easy.

Check the product description for the precise weight and dimensions of your chosen model.

Some two-way radios are voice-activated, so they can be used hands-free — a feature useful for cyclists, skiers, or anyone else who might not always have a spare hand to operate the radio.

Read on for our full guide to two-way radios, or — if you're ready to buy — scroll up for our product list, featuring our top five picks.

It's bad form to interrupt a conversation already going on within your group or on your channel, unless it's an emergency.

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Whether for work or leisure, two-way radios are useful in situations where you need a steady stream of communication, or where cell phone use isn't practical for a variety of reasons.This is particularly handy when you're out camping or hiking somewhere remote, and need to be cautious of poor conditions. Two-way radios are sometimes sold singly, but usually come in pairs or larger packs. Yes, most two-way radios have a range of features useful in an emergency. Most two-way radios run on AA or AAA batteries, and will accept both disposable and rechargeable varieties. Some packs even contain 10 or more two-way radios, for use at work or by large groups. It's worth noting, even when using a privacy code, anyone in range using the "monitor" feature on their two-way radio can hear your communications — so it's probably best to avoid sharing sensitive information over a two-way radio.A two-way radio's "IP code" denotes its internationally recognized ingress protection (IP) rating.

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