Two artists dating

I got into art later on, well after we were married.

My husband is an artsy person, but he refuses to take up art.

If you truly love and respect one another you will support each other in all that you do.

Marriage is about the union of two people, building together. I'd love it if my husband had some kind of artistic considered artistic?

Of course, the relationships didn't work out, so maybe I should date an artist! ------------------ BR> May the Force be with You. If it's of a past romantic involvement, it's even more intense. ------------------ ( et al: Get more computers have two, one is my UNIX web server one is my main box.

Interestingly since I have taken up art, hubby has started to 'see' things differently, and often tells me about something that would make a lovely painting. He says he's waiting for me to get famous so he can quit working.ha I don't think it necessary to have an artist who will support you in whatever you want to do! It also depends on how serious you take your creative endeavors. Mutual admiration, respect, and adoration certainly takes on other forms than someone's artistic talent/life style. So you can really see where our priorities lie Is it hard to run your own server?

We also visit exhibitions and galleries together, and recently when two of my works were accepted into a selected exhibition, there couldn't have been a prouder man at the opening. Originally posted by bobsart: Only if you're better than him/her. If it's a hobby, then I don't think anyone cares, but if it's in your blood and a big part of who you are as a person, then that artist's pride would start to interfere. But, for me personally, I don't believe I could fall in love with someone who doesn't have any poetry in their soul. ( [This message has been edited by Lunachild (edited June 08, 2001).]Originally posted by Cindy: I agree!!! think it's best for the artist to marry his/her model - that way you don't have to worry about model's fees! My website sits on a friend's server right now, and they've limited the bandwith for the traffic to my website because the hight volume of traffic.

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