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Then, something happens that is impossible and highly unusual. He can't tell anyone for fear of appearing mad, and she's insisting she was murdered and wants him to work on her case. She shifted her position slightly and smiled when she felt Booth tighten his arms around her. Unfortunately - or fortunately - for Niles, the Sheffields are going away on a holiday trip, which leaves him home to deal with the Ice Queen herself. Niles is 'forced' to accompany CC to Paris for her business trip. A typical day in the life of CC Babcock consists of coming to work, bantering with Niles, and going home. What might have happened if "The Kiss" at the end of "Pen Pals" wasn't interrupted by Fran and Maxwell returning? I don't own the series, if I did, Zhurrick would have had more moments]New York, 1927. [Every right goes to JK Rowling and her brilliant characters!

She peered over her shoulder and was convinced he was still sleeping, so she rationalized that it must have just been a reflex, but it made her feel so safe that she wanted to believe that even in his sleep he knew what she needed. My very first Fanfic, so please don't be too harsh but reviews are welcomed with open arms. are forced to work together to reel in a potential backer. This will be a series of short stories, vignettes of the moments between Randy and Sharona. With the dynamic duo having to share a bed and the city of Paris in the palm of their hands what could possibly happen? This is my take on an alternate ending to that episode that carries forward into an A/U storyline. N/CC - Fo G One Shot What made CC the way she is, and how does she really feel inside? - This was my very first story I submitted when I was just sixteen, so forgive me for the crappy writing, lack of elaboration and OOCness. Newt is back and Tina couldn't be more happy about it. Okay so this is my first real Newtina fanfic and I beg you to be patient.

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It's mostly a CC discovering herself story with a helping of Niles/CC and Fran friendship. Monk and Sharona' that detail how they finally, finally get together. It will start at K and move up in steaminess rating as the chapters progress. Based in the episode "Making Whoopi", when Fran's aphrodisiac cookies fall into the *right* hands. This is my version of the missing scene after CC follows Niles out of the kitchen. Rated M for future chapters, there won't be too much M I promise ;-). But maybe Niles is getting a little TOO confident for C. Some of them take place in San Francisco, some in Summit, New Jersey. Niles/CC & Fran/Max A one-shot birthday gift to Grimmlock47... - DThe kids watched Freaky Friday the other night and I sort of thought..I wonder if I could..or course I can! Even though she always looked beautiful, she seemed a little done today. - I know the missing bedroom scene of The Hole In The Heart has been written a thousand times already but I really wanted to write my own interpretation of what happened after Bones crawled into Booth's bed ... English isn't my first language but I can't help it, I love writing English since my first language sucks :( Anyway, if you find mistakes that disturb you please tell me! This is a little story of how Will and Emma got back together, how they solved some minor (or even bigger) problems, and how they finally took a further step in their relationship. ]Imagine you had an accident and your life changed within a second. Tuomas had to go through this change and even though it looked bad for him in the beginning, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. I am writing them as little filler stories while I am working on a longer story, tentatively called "Return". anyone wonder what happened when Niles motioned CC to leave the kitchen with him as Max and Fran talked about the negative pregnancy test? Niles does something that really hurts CC's feelings..she forgive him..she forgive him..what will he have to do to prove himself? One Shot I was inspired by kateandharvey's story "Not Us". - DRated T , In response to Christine's question about whether or not I ever thought about doing a 'missing scene' story that follows CC catching Niles doing his Risky business dance. I knew she hated those premiere-parties, so I went over to her. :)"What happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas." A take on what could have happened after the solved murder of Billie in "The Woman In The Sand". that's all I'm saying ;) (My first "Bones" Fanfic ever)Book 4. [It's my first Glee fanfic and it's more of a try to be honest.

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