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Not to mention new security concerns; what if the in-law couple misplaced something? We have exhausted all communication, the owners had/have no intention of making this right.

I get the impression, from their lack of communication, they know they have people over a barrel once the money is paid.

All purses and coats for 50 guests had to be stored in the guest room, any children who fell asleep would be in the guest room, any gifts given stored in the guest room, and, you see where this is going.

We had a night of staff and guests trying desperately not to step over each other; or on sleeping children who, having filled the one available bed, were literally sleeping on the floor.

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Fine, more than double was taking advantage, but for full use of the whole house I could live with it.

The space is ideal for hosting a: mixer, engagement party, bridal shower, cocktail party, charity event, corporate party, small yoga workshop, private fitness class, and more.

***PLEASE Note*** The 0 hourly rate is applicable to any event with 50 attendees or less.

On the day of the event, my planner got to the venue at 4pm, event to start at 7pm, only to find that we would not have access to the master suite, the owner's elderly in-laws would be staying there.

Staff was using the bedroom behind the kitchen so, this meant that my husband and I had to get ready in the guest room.

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