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Find yourself a wired controller and memory card and pilfer library too. You've got one more avenue of Wii resuscitation, and it's a biggie: homebrew.The Nintendo Wii is probably the most hackable game console ever made.The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which provides certain online functionality for many Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DSi software titles, was discontinued on 5/20/14. Instructions for Wii Ware and Virtual Console games can be viewed while you are playing the game through your Wii console.To view the instructions for the game you are playing, simply press the "Home" button on the Wii Remote to display the Home Menu.If you neglected your Wii in favor of the previous generation's powerhouses, now's a great time to see what you missed.

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The homebrew community has created USB loaders, classic game emulators, cheat engines, DVD players and even Wii-specific Linux distributions.Several new Wii U owners have reported a serious issue with their new consoles related to the large launch-day update from Nintendo.The update, required to enable online functionality on the console, is estimated around 5GB (though some sources say 1GB) and can take more than an hour to install — and some users say that interrupting the install process can "brick" the console, making it unusable.Without the patch, customers can't use the Wii U online — if you want to do more than insert discs and play games, you have to install the day one update.Obviously this is potentially a huge issue for any new Wii U owner, so if you've got your hands on one, be sure to install the update with care.

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