Trophy wife and dating logan dating

The phenomena describes the widely held belief that the beautiful woman, whose most valuable commodity is her looks, partners the economically successful man in a sort of symbiotic relationship called marriage.

In science, it’s known as the ‘beauty-status exchange’.

“Young men see these women growing up: She’s your doctor, your teacher, your professor. Just as Henry Kissinger proclaimed, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”, wielding this popper is today firmly in women’s courts.

At a Ted Talks seminar, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg emphasised the importance of equality at home. “Study shows that households with equal earnings and equal responsibilities also had half the divorce rate,” said Sandberg.

In the 1980s, the Trophy Wife was the ultimate businessman accessory: Young, beautiful, pliant arm candy to prove he wasn’t just rich but also in demand.

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“You don’t want to date them anyway.”But the new trophy wife isn’t just defined by her career.They do not shy away from women who are their equals, both emotionally and professionally.In fact, it has opened the door to an entirely new sort of sociological phenomenon.Whether high-powered careerist or high-profile housewife, it is her fearlessness and confidence that set her apart from the stereotype of predecessors.Suzanne Johnson née Ircha, the much-younger wife to fourth-generation Johnson & Johnson scion Robert “Woody” Johnson, was already a selfmade financier who wheeled and dealed with the toughest and smartest men in equities and hedge funds.

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