Trickster updating process fail

I’ve given my best attempt to make this guide as easy as possible to read, understand and navigate.

I cover every aspect of the Rogue for both veteran, returning and even new players alike.

Others prefer to just select whichever class they feel cosmetically has the best appearance. I’ll list below all the races with the most beneficial bonuses.

Likewise to most of this guides layout, simply just click on the name of the race you want to view / read.

Since it was a personality thing, rather than a mechanical one I just decided to let it go and allow my players to play it the way they found the most fun.

I don't normally give out inspiration, but for this I decided to tell them, they don't have to follow the flaws, but if they decided to occasionally, I'd give out inspiration if I thought it merited it.

I feel like the player should choose how to RP the "flaw", but doing it well or going all in on it is a good opportunity to give a character inspiration.

Officially there are no rules detailed in the module for how to handle this HOWEVER there are rules towards the end of the module talking about this.

So for example in the fight with the beholder one of the trickster gods tells the host to run away in terror.

You can award inspiration to a player who roleplays a trickster god's flaw particularly well. He's always arguing with you, and making fun of you behind your back.

I liked the way Adam Koebel handled this with his group.

There are so many things to look into and test, and honestly, I can only test with what’s available to me – in other words, not everything.

Also, I did for the first time ever, clear out all the old comments.

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