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This interview will break your heart and open your mind at the same time. But can these four best friends succeed as business partners?"The happiest moments of my life were when I was with that boy," Benji recalls." data-reactid="21"In a fascinating and frank new in-depth interview with Mormon, Benji discusses his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality and his devout Latter-Day Saints faith.He later talks about his relationship with an ex-girlfriend, and another relationship with the male "love of his life" that eventually didn't work out, but that changed him forever.Emotions run high as Travis Wall, (Emmy-nominated choreographer, So You Think You Can Dance), Teddy Forance (recently featured on and choreographed for Dancing with the Stars), Nick Lazzarini (So You Think You Can Dance) and Kyle Robinson (Dancing with the Stars) join forces to start their own dance company.

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Benji also discusses his past struggles with thoughts of suicide and even the idea of castrating himself and taking reverse-hormonal pills so that he would no longer have any homosexual urges. I would have been willing to just fight it, till I'm old and my sexual drive is gone, and just marry a woman who's a widower, and we'll get married in the temple and it's gonna be awesome. My mom said, 'Maybe you'll just get married when you're 70! I told them, 'This is not of God.' That was the very first time when I thought, 'This may not be the true church.'" Benji decided to leave the Mormon church last year. He then joked, "Would this be a good time to ask for future husband submissions?Travis Wall Travis Wall was the runner-up for the Fox reality show So You Think You Can Dance, and is currently a resident choreographer and judge for the national dance competition show.He has choreographed for Dancing with the Stars, including a performance with Adele, which garnered a 2011 Emmy nomination for his work on So You Think You Can Dance.;p"The video below is more than two hours long, which is obviously a major time's really worth the investment.Benji weeps; other times, he laughs and shows incredible wit.

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