Top 10 most intimidating

Being an elite athlete, particularly one with size and strength, is practically a prerequisite for success.

Some players, of course, strike more fear than others into hearts of opposing fan bases and occasionally opposing teams.

With a seating capacity of 150,000 people; the Rungrado May stadium in North Korea does an effective job in using its size to intimidate opponents.

For all its new rules and increase in penalties, the NFL is still a physical, violent league.

Estadio Azteca is the only stadium which has been able to host two FIFA World Cup finals.

This incredibly huge edifice which can seat up to 105,000 spectators is the home of the national football team and the privately owned Club America. Etienne, this multi-purpose stadium which currently seats 26,500 fans but is currently being redesigned to sit 40,830 fans sets it apart from the rest because of the crazy antics fans employ to encourage their teams.

Gronk has used his size to box out many a defender over the years, but he’s got a physical streak to his game as well.

He can run through you or run past you, and he’s also great in the passing game.Mike Evans has rare size for a wide receiver, as he stands over 6-foot-five and weighs over 230 pounds.Despite that, he ran a 4.53 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.Defensive tackles aren’t always the best pass rushers. He’s only a little over 6 feet, but that makes him not unlike a bowling ball of destruction.Todd Gurley is bigger than a lot of running backs, making him physically imposing.

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