Tips for dating a fireman christian dating friends

That’s good news if you think about it and I want you to be encouraged here, don’t be a scaredy cat. Once you have located what looks to be a target rich environment deploy the kid.The best times for your excursion are going to be after lunch or dinner as most officers allow some downtime following meals and they guys likely won’t be engaged in training or some other distraction.Now the set up is going to be critical, this kid is going to require sufficient post firehouse bribes to not blow your cover.Make it a good reward you want to keep your coconspirator on task.Too old and you run the risk of your sister’s disenfranchised teenage son busting you on your quest to land a fireman.Pick a kid any kid, doesn’t matter the sex, little girls can grow up to be miserable, insufferable, unsatisfied employees just like the guys too.

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Once outside the red brick walls I will offer no guarantee. Secondly the whole crew shows up because there might be a hot chick at the door, truth.You will know if you are considered a hot chick by the number of men that stay to interact with you. The unavailable and older men aren’t going to be bothered with a tour for some kid.The single, cheery, and interested men will be overly happy to show off their stuff for the kid.Understand there will be an immediate assessment of your availability. Is this your child if so why didn’t daddy come along?

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