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We heard from celebrities like Ivanka Trump, MC Hammer and Anne Curry, as well as 8th graders, dating experts and ex-convicts.It was at times moving, insightful, educational, surprising and funny, but mostly it was, well, a big, fat love fest.Speed dating offers us a way to experience multiple dates in the same amount of time that it would take you to have in a normal date.One good thing with speed dating is that one gets to meet a lot more people and see if things can really work before you invest more time with them.

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First I was a little suspect, as any good New Yorker would be, but as we continued our conversations I felt flattered by her kind gestures because it's not often that strangers are so gracious.There was lots of hugging and plugging of each other.Jeff Pulver, the organizer of the twitfest, titled the event "The Power of Now" but I would rename it to the "Power of Love".Last week was the 140 Characters Conference on Twitter which I wasn't able to attend, however I did catch big chunks of it live on In keeping with Twitter's concept of brevity, the 2-day event played host to an ongoing string of Twitterers, some more well-known than others, who had up to ten minutes to tell their story (see schedule here).

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