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The Book (like the pack of Ulysses, made up of toyes for Women, and Arms for a Heroe,) though checquer'd with a pleasing variety of accidents to tickle the fancy of the lightest wits, consists chiefly of Generous Examples of solid vertue, to kindle emulation in the bravest Spirits: ...

[that is, the Sirens] have most enchanting, charming Voices, and frequent pleasant green Medows, but heaps of dead mens Bones are always found where they haunt: that which tickles the Fancy stabs the Soul.

The sexual double entendre of "tickle [one's] fancy" might have been used in certain circles from very early days, but any such usage evidently did not taint the phrase significantly to dissuade serious-minded authors from continuing to use it.

The same might be said of the phrase as used in the present day by a great many people who have no intention of being salacious. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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And if you were but well awakened out of that Spirit of Slumber, into which your intoxication hath cast you, and out of that pleasant Dream in it, which hath so tickled your fancy, you would be ashamed and confounded before God and Men, that ever you should be so strangely deluded, and prevailed upon as you have been, to trouble the World with your whimsies and fancies, and thereby to bring a scandal upon the Christian Religion, and make sport for them that have no mind seriously to consider the things of the Gospel, and to encourage Romish Agents in their design against the Reformation.Match isn’t a gay-men-only UK dating site, but it’s your best option for many reasons, including it’s among the largest (30 million members) and most successful (more dates and relationships than any other dating site).When you sign up, you’re automatically given a free account that allows you to fill out a profile, add numerous photos, search for and receive matches, and communicate in certain ways, including liking profiles.Surely though an outward Ordinance may delight the ear, or tickle the fancy, yet it is the views of God that must ravish the Soul.There is a great deal of difference betwixt the receiving of the Word with joy, And unlesse the Word of God were, as the Jewes tells us of the Manna, though very fabulously, ...

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