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When Newt refused and walked out of the meeting, Gunnar Grimmson, the bounty hunter, had been hired to assasinate Credence.

Theseus was infuriated about that and approached Newt outside the commission, telling him that eventually he would be forced to choose a side.

Grindelwald recognized the group and portrayed them as violent and those who imprisoned and tortured him in New York in search of the truth.

Then, one witch attacked auror named Cassius Bell, but he killed her in self-defence, which caused Grindelwald to sent his followers to spread the word and began the fight.

Spellbound magazine erroneously captioned the photograph from the event, leading to a misunderstanding between Porpentina and Newt.

Three months after Gellert Grindelwald's escape, Newt Scamander was appealing to revoke his travel ban for the fifth time.

After virtually everyone had made their decision, Theseus joining Newt in a double spell projected to deflect Grindelwald's fire.

At the time, he had no knowledge of his brother's whereabouts, but simply wished him well "wherever [he was]" on "whatever beastly quests [he was] undertaking! he was eventually promoted to the Head of the Auror Office.

Theseus was the one who gave the word to engage Grindelwald in combat, provoking him into conjuring a blue ring of fire.

He listened to him threaten them into joining him or accepting death as the alternative.

When rumours of Newt's potential travel to France reached the British Ministry of Magic, Theseus along with Travers, Leta and a few Aurors were sent to Hogwarts Castle to question Dumbledore.

Angered Travers cuffed Dumbledore into Admonitors and forbaded him from ever teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts again, after Dumbledore refused to fight Grindelwald for him.

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