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If the author can no longer in good conscience stand behind his books, it’s wise and right to apologize and to let them fade into history.

The dating and courtship movements represented a weird phase in evangelicalism and, as they finally fade, I think we are in a position to speak in much healthier and much more biblical ways about sexuality, about purity, about marriage, and about relationships.

Almost everyone who writes a book regrets at least something they said in it.

There aren’t many authors who look back at their books ten or twenty years on and don’t wish they could change at least a few chapters or paragraphs.

He began to wonder if what he espoused there was wise and, of even greater concern, biblical.

He mapped out a journey or project in which he would listen to people who had been impacted by his work to learn how it had influenced them.

Though I always had problems with the book, I never had a beef with Josh.

I had a beef with the masses of Christians who would blindly accept it and with the Christian celebrity machine that elevated someone so young to a position of such authority. But even Harris admits that he was a young man who believed far too much in his own abilities, just like every other twenty-one-year-old out there.

Though he did not found these movements and though he was not their lone voice, he was certainly among their foremost popularizers.There are lots of stories to be told and lots of critiques to be offered. Some of his conclusions are interesting, though, in retrospect, kind of obvious.The book subtly elevated marriage as an ideal state and singleness as something unfortunate and undesirable—a temporary state God meant to resolve.This time, let’s try to do so with wisdom, balance, and discernment instead of those radical extremes that simply lead to more error.I remember my parents reading “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris when it first came out in 1997 — and to this day it still sits on their bookshelf. Now, 21 years later, Harris is publicly apologizing for the book.

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