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Just after landing in Bangkok and getting checked into my hotel I decided to stick my head into the Irish Pub… Shortly there after I met an American guy that worked for the American Embassy in Thailand.

I feel like I could write a book based on my relatively short-lived experience in Thailand.

Thai culture is extremely different from western culture.

There is far too much to cover in a short blog post, you really need to do your homework, however, the crash course version is as follows: Thai culture dictates that harmony and peace rather than truth and honesty is the highest order.

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I think Thailand is a far better destination to bring a girl who’s company you enjoy that you met elsewhere! In order to explain why you will need to understand just how prevalent prostitution and sex tourism really is in Thailand.

This can be massages, escorts, soapies, the asia bar scene or GFE.

His first words to me were “Welcome to the circus.” No words rang truer throughout the course of my trip in Thailand than those.

I received glowing recommendations for the following site: Thai Love Links (now Thai Cupid).

Although I didn’t try these sites personally I saw some of the results first hand and I must say they were nothing short of .

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