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There are also many beautiful parks: Phuket City is more like a shopping center than a resort.

There is a city beach, but it is not suitable for swimming.

Particularly beautiful here by night: in the evening colorful paper lanterns are lit above the houses.

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Reached for a comment, marine photographer and environmentalist Sirachai Arunrugstichai said he doesn’t believe it will disturb Mariam’s life and is a good way to hold the creature’s caretakers accountable. The public can care for the dugong to a certain degree and 24-hour surveillance could repel people who might act like an arse,” he told us.

A seventh is pointed at her new friend, another young dugong recently rescued and dubbed Jamil.

The cameras show land, beach and sea views at Point Dugong.

The year is divided into two seasons: the rainy season (from June to October) and the dry season (from November to May).

In the rainy season, wind often increases, which brings a storm and tsunami.

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