Teacher dating former student dr phil

So she expressed her anger and frustration in the most public platform she could find: Facebook.

Powers posted about Hooker, calling him a “sexual predator” and a “perverted child molester.” Her allegations have since gained national attention.

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When asked by a reporter why he believes his actions aren’t wrong, Hooker offered no response. The girl claimed that they weren’t doing anything wrong because they are in love.

She asserted that they are happy, and just taking their relationship day-by-day.

Tammie Powers is speaking out against James Hooker to anyone who will listen.

When she first saw evidence of a relationship between him and her daughter, Powers didn’t know where to turn.

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When asked about his decision, Hooker suggests that he has done nothing wrong.

Though he admits that this will be difficult for his family, he also declares that everyone must face difficult circumstances in life.

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