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You can also find information on the adult industry and LGBTQ rights.

Home to 23.55 million people, the country of Taiwan is densely populated with major cities like Taichung, Kaohsiung and Taipei being hubs for commerce, industry and tourism.

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If you find it is offensive, please do not enter following section, and click here to go a presentation of some of the research, and video productions that Jean Mark Roc whose interest and documentation of Asian women's sexuality is legendary.

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This site covers magazines, video catalogs, links, and so on.a feature-length video documentary of Annable Chong (aka: Grace Quek, Chinese name: Zhong Aibo), a witty, literate 22 year old USC student, having sex with 251 men over the course of one ten-hour day in Jan 19, 1995 and setting a world record.

This file featured at the Sundance Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Festival.

Just 20% of the nation is considered working class and Taiwan is in the world’s top 25 richest countries.

The politics of Taiwan are a little murky but can be summed up by the fact that it is an independent country yet considered by mainland China to be a part of the People’s Republic of China.

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