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Hi, as per your suggestion, I have tried it but, It also did n't work. Cancel to true in selecting event, Now if I made a valid entry on the same page then controls are not working (or active ie.

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For certain control, once it has focus, it will validate its data for closing, leaving, etc.. So the only problem when changing pages is when all the child controls on the form have no focus, then swith pages will not trigger the child controls' validating events.

Ideally, I think the best solution is not to leave a tab until the validating event has completed successfully. According to MSDN events happen in following order: Focus events occur in the following order: 1.. Thanks Dennis "Alex S" Hi, Dennis did you try to hook Tab Page. loop all the controls on the tabpage, then judge if each control is the default value(We suspect the default value is not the valid value), if it is the default value, does not allow the index change. You may add a custom validating type event for each tabpage, then when registering event handler for child control's Validating event, you should also register it for the tabpage custom event, then in Tab Control.

Thanks, Dennis Hi, Dennis did you try to hook Tab Page. Selected Index Changed event, you can explicit invoke all the validating event handler, if not valid, then swith back to the orignal tabpage.

Event Args e) Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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