T a s dating students

In your first class, begin with an ice-breaker exercise—a brief, fun activity designed to help the students get to know each other and you. ' This is useful for gauging the mood before beginning the day's work.Begin each class with a general 'check in'—'How is the class going? Then provide a brief summary of what they have covered so far in the course, followed by the objective of that day's class.Doing this allows you some insight into potential problems that students might experience, as well as an opportunity for developing solutions in advance.Preparation also includes considering what teaching method you will use in class, and how you will promote active learning.Incorrect responses are as important as correct ones because they can be 'dissected and corrected'—a powerful learning opportunity.Use examples throughout the class to illustrate key concepts.

FIPPA carries implications for many aspects of TAs’ interactions with students, including taking attendance, handling assignments, posting grades, organizing group work, and sending emails.Students’ names, ID numbers, email addresses, and grades are all considered personal information that should be kept confidential as much as possible.Taking attendance: Students’ attendance or non-attendance is their own business.You may even want to share it with new TAs, to give them some insight into the experience of being a classroom teaching assistant.If you have any questions or would like a sounding board, please contact Jenny Hadingham at CETL.

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