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Let’s pretend for a moment that Avenged Sevenfold don’t dress like a bunch of clown-faced goons that fell off the back of a truck carrying clothes rejected from Hot Topic.Let’s also pretend that they don’t indulge in ridiculous stage names that make ICP’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay look like members of Mensa. Now the shut the fuck up and RECOGNIZE: Synyster Gates (aka Brian Haner Jr.) is a ridiculously good guitar player.

He highlighted his anguish upon leaving his wife and newborn baby to return to tour.“We blocked out 10 days before and after, so 20 days total, around his due date, thinking that that’s enough time unless something crazy happens,” he says. “They sent him a gift basket with a lot of Metallica onesies and kid stuff,” Gates reports. They didn’t make me feel as guilty as I probably should have for canceling on them.” Gates envisions his son following in his footsteps, and not just because Nicci has the cool rock name. His attention span is pretty good when you’re playing music or stimulating the guy like that. Haner has played guitar alongside his son in Avenged Sevenfold. “He was playing with Frank Zappa at 17 and with Tower of Power, all these crazy different R&B bands,” Gates says of his father.He can see telling signs in the two-month-old’s behavior. “I was exposed to a lot of crazy music at a young age – high-information music.And unlike, say, Dream Theater, who frequently send their vocalist on extended back-stage breaks while the rest of the band wanks (again, lovably), Gates somehow gets away with playing leads underneath vocals pretty much track “Trashed and Scattered:” Even if you don’t enjoy Avenged Sevenfold’s music (which I do and you should), you can’t deny Synyster Gates’ talent. In mid-May, Avenged Sevenfold were forced to cancel one of their dates supporting Metallica on their ' World Wired' tour as Synyster Gates welcomed the birth of his first child.

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