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It is possible that all one knows about headsets is that they are easy to carry around and sound good in the ears.

But earbuds or headphones are tiny speakers that happen to be worn inside the ears.

The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss due to headsets can be prevented if it is used in moderation.Headsets have become quite a common technological accessory for a lot of people, especially music lovers. The following are things you should consider when getting a headset: Know What You Want The first thing to consider in buying a headset is what kind you want.With so many brands available, purchasing a headset can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. Although there are many readily available brands to choose from, you would have to decide if you want a headphone or an earbud.In testing for headsets, check them for sound isolation; how well does the headset keep music in and block noise from outside?Open-backed headphones will give you the natural sound of whatever you are listening to closed but will allow noise from outside, closed backed headphones will give a bass sound and cause reverberations from sound waves coming from the closed-back.

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