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It is more common to keep the dominant and submissive roles to the bedroom (or to specific periods of time) rather than living the lifestyle 24/7, as it can be difficult to sustain a relationship with an inherent imbalance, especially if you have a family.It can be hard to understand why another person wants to be submissive if that’s not something you’re personally interested in.I am not a submissive all the time in bed, but I do enjoy being so often when the time arises.

You’d probably have thought that submissive meant meek, respectful, compliant and passive.With a recent experience, I realize that I still have a greater attraction to the opposite sex, but my attraction to the same sex isn’t incidental, which made me realize that identify as more bisexual.” 17.“I think being an ENTJ makes me more confident in bed, but I like to know ahead of time that we’ll be having sex.Being an assertive, dominant woman who is also a femme lesbian makes me a weird sort of partner, and makes finding a significant other very hard.Women who date women tend to be radical idealists, which I find annoying.

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