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She effortlessly works within your price range and personal needs.

biography Once we’ve established a budget, I will pre-shop for you and you’ll meet me to try everything on — allowing you more time for swiping and less time shopping.

As a personal stylist who has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, I have worked with all different personalities, body types and budgets.

I know how to help you stay relevant and current while still feeling like yourself — the best version of yourself.

All with some rather miraculous results (see below).

Dineen also helps clients determine which sites might work best for them.."More"...

Get in touch today and let’s find the styling package that suits you best!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a routine dating the same people that don’t work or doing the same things in our relationships.

This e Book will explore the world of online dating through giving you the […] Download your FREE dating guide today!Even though it’s easy, it still begs the question, “is it […] Download your FREE dating guide today!Stylelife was the first online training program for dating skills.Dating and Relationship Guide The Dating and Relationship Guide is the ultimate rule book for your current relationships.With topics from how to stay true to yourself in your relationship to questioning if there is someone out there for you.

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