Straight hiv dating san jose

Alana Murtaugh, a 25-year-old transsexual from South Texas, said a lot of the men at Divas tend to objectify the girls, or they simply have a fetish for T-girls, as they are sometimes called.

"For a lot of them, the girls are just sexual playthings," she said. They can come in and have fun and they go back to their nice, easy lives.

It's not as simple as gay or straight, male or female.

It is the hangout for post-op transsexuals, pre-ops, cross-dressers, gender-benders, female impersonators and the men who love them. But that's where normalcy, as American society would define it, ends. There are no easy identifiers for the women who go there, nor for the men.

We live in this world." The men come in all sizes, shapes and ethnicities.

I went to the bar several times and saw white, Asian, Latino and African American patrons.

Two girls start dancing in the aisle, getting closer and closer until they're bumping and grinding, to the cheers of the people around them. The owner, Steve Berkey, said the majority of the male patrons consider themselves straight.

Men sit at the bar and nuzzle women standing next to them. "I'd say 85 percent of the men who come here are married, and a lot of them have kids," said bartender Alexis Miranda.

The third floor has a dance floor and a stripper pole. There's the requisite disco ball hanging from the ceiling.Definitions don't mean anything." Berkey is 56, an amiable Midwesterner who looks a little like the actor Robert Conrad.He worked in the construction industry for years before he bought Divas."Sex is a rite of passage for them." In the Divas world, almost everything is about sex.Alexis the bartender said most of the men who like trannies want hard, raw sex with someone who also wants it. A transgendered person works hard to be feminine, and they still have the male sexual hunger.

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