Stop being so accommodating

Being accommodating in major areas of your life comes from being accommodating in the seemingly insignificant areas.Recently, I was on a flight and got stuck in the middle of a row.Ah, I miss my private jet from the old days ;-)Yes, I realize the above instance of non-accommodation is hardly dramatic.But, that's the point: it starts with the small stuff.a fun place to be, and even worse when you're seated between a couple talking over you while passing things back and forth to each other.It was irritating and disrespectful, to say the least.

Hell, this is the main reason why most movies are forgettable: too much of a corporate cookie-cutter approach that insults the viewer.

By Mike Mahler"I don't think you were put here to please everybody; that would be horrible.

You have to have some kind of a stand and stand against something as well.

When you accommodate others, you're a victim as a result--no matter how insignificant the situation--and you create a victim pattern.

If you can't stand your ground with small stuff, you'll be crushed when major events come your way, e.g., instead of quitting a lame job and going after what you want, you'll accommodate the boss, taking the path of least resistance.

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